Meet Our Students


Alexander Allen-Walden, 11th Grade

Alex has been a student at Green Meadow since Kindergarten. He enjoys basketball, art, and playing the trombone. He appreciates that Green Meadow “has high standards and helps us become well-rounded people”. Alex recently spent three months in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on his international exchange.









Eva Kocher, Class of 2015

Eva started Kindergarten at Green Meadow Waldorf School in September 2001. The classes she most enjoyed during her time here were: Morning Lesson, Art, English, Spanish. She says, “I enjoyed morning lesson because it gave me the opportunity to deeply explore many diverse topics throughout the school year, from human biology to the novel Moby Dick. Art classes at Green Meadow allowed me to express myself by using my hands and mind to create a final product that reflected my individuality. English class taught me how to use and love the English language, while improving my skills as a writer and building my appreciation for other writers. My Spanish classes gave me the chance to learn about many different cultures while teaching me how to speak the language!”

Eva continues, “From 1st Grade forward, Green Meadow taught me to look at things from many different perspectives, which has really helped shape my thinking. The education I received at Green Meadow has provided me with skills that will last a lifetime.  However, what I truly value are the friendships that I have built over the past 12 years, for I know I am surrounded by a network of friends that will be there for me no matter what, and this is something that I might not have received at another school. I am truly grateful for this gift. ”

Anoukia Papp, 12th Grade

Anoukia started at Green Meadow in 1st Grade. She travels every day from Manhattan to attend our school. Her favorite subjects are English, Woodwork, Music, and Orchestra. Of her Green Meadow education, she says, "The teaching is much more personal than in other schools, and the teachers pay attention to each student instead of the class a whole. There is also more focus on art and music, and the environment is very friendly. When I graduate I would really like to do something related to music, like playing in an orchestra."

Zuzu Tadeushuk, Class of 2015

Zuzu came to Green Meadow at age five, for Kindergarten. Her favorite subjects in school were English, History, Spanish, and German. Zuzu says, "I had fun every day at school, and felt very supported by my teachers and friends. I love the community that is built both within and around each grade. Green Meadow offers a rich and diverse curriculum in which the students have to participate artistically, intellectually, and even physically to make the subject their own. I found this process very challenging but ultimately rewarding. In the coming year, I hope to travel through Europe and Asia. I will also be modeling in Paris. After this, I intend to go back to school and become fluent in as many languages as I can, work with children, and perhaps go to law school."


Kaoruko Yanagi, 11th Grade

A Green Meadow student since 1st Grade, Kaoruko likes to dance and sing. She enjoys Green Meadow’s arts program and says that she is grateful that bullying is limited, and addressed proactively, on our campus.

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