Farm Dance photos

Our Farm Dance is an annual tradition that raises funds for the Third Grade Farm Trip to Hawthorne Valley Farm. The dance took place last Saturday, May 7 and was loads of fun!



This Sunday, March 13: Film Screening

Sunday's forecast is rain, so why not join us for a film screening? 2pm, Arts Building Music Room, free & open to the public.  Discussion after the screening with Wally Glickman, filmmaker and Professor of Physics at LIU Brooklyn. 


All in a Kindergarten Day

Lisa Miccio, Kindergarten teacher and Early Childhood Chair, shares a lovely glimpse into a morning in our Kindergarten.

To experience all that our Early Childhood Program has to offer, please join us for A Morning in the Nursery/Kindergarten on February 4 or March 5. To register, contact Barbara Mann at

Yesterday, our train puffed its way up the Farm Road and arrived at Durea Farm by 9:00am.  The departure from our usual Monday destination was due to a surprise message Mrs. Miccio received from Mrs. Grieder.  Apparently Little Brown Hen, believing Spring was on the way, hatched ten baby chicks out in the snow! Fortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Grieder were working on the Farm on Saturday, and they scooped up the baby chicks, and the mama hen, and brought them all into a cozy nest inside Mrs. Grieder's classroom. We were able to go inside to visit the chicks and the mama hen, and hear their story from Mrs. Grieder.  As we gathered around their nest, the baby chicks pecked at the chick feed and dipped their beaks into the water.  But after their "snack" they suddenly disappeared beneath the mama hen's wings.

While we quietly watched each little chick tuck beneath the mother hen's wings, I was struck by how much I feel like a mother hen.  I am grateful that in our Waldorf early childhood classes, we have opportunities to create learning environments that allow each child to stretch her/his wings, whether the stretch involves physically stretching one's capacities to scale a big boulder, or socially stretching to the next level of maturity to share a favorite play prop. These self-directed moments are balanced by teacher-led, artistic moments like circle, story, drawing and painting.  In these experiences, the early childhood children move towards their teachers like chicks flocking to a mother hen, and they are guided under the protection of her "wings".  Sometimes, when they have ventured far afield in their developmental journeys, they may return to the nest seeking warmth and reassurance that "all is well in the world".  In our youngest children this may appear as tears for no apparent reason, or a request for a band-aid or tissue, or a leaning into the teacher for physical comfort.  For our six-year-olds it is often their desire to be the teacher's partner on the return walk.

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Parent & Child toddler class begins January 8

Special opportunity!

Parent & Child toddler class (for ages 2-3, Fridays beginning January 8) opening now to younger children. Please contact Early Childhood Admissions Coordinator Barbara Mann for details: 845.356.2514 x326. More details here.

New Slideshow about the Kindergarten

Take a look! Green Meadow’s Early Childhood programs foster the foundations of academic excellence. Our Early Childhood teachers provide the young child with a warm, beautiful, loving, home-like environment, which is protective and secure, where the day unfolds in a predictable, regular way. The children are given a range of activities and the structure they need to prepare for the next phase of school life.

Can Learning to Knit Help Students Learn to Code?

This article shows the kind of interdisiplinary thinking that Waldorf students are developing throughout their education. And the photo below shows our Fifth Graders helping our First Graders learn to knit. (Photo courtesy of First Grade teacher Mellie Lonnemann.)

The Rose Ceremony

The entire school, especially the Class of 2016, welcomed the Class of 2027 on Tuesday at our Rose Ceremony, which opens and closes every school year. We are delighted to share the pictures below with you, marking this special day.

Look for an article in the upcoming September/October issue of The Bulletin about the meaning and significance of the Rose Ceremony in Waldorf Schools. Welcome back to school, everyone!

Thanks to Fernando Lopez for the beautiful photos.




Film Screening This Wednesday 7/15

We hope you have bought your tickets already for the screening of Even Though the Whole World is Burning, the new film by GMWS alum Stefan Schaefer '89. It screens at GMWS, in Rose Hall, at 7pm this Wednesday, July 15. Q&A with the filmmaker follows.

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