Movement Is Our Method! From Eurythmy Teacher Laura Radefeld

Green Meadow Waldorf School does not supplement our curriculum with movement: our curriculum IS movement. Starting with the youngest children in the Early Childhood section, our pedagogical approach recognizes that healthy, self-initiated movement is the best foundation for physical and cognitive development at every age. The Waldorf School’s curriculum and method of teaching recognizes that nimble, imaginative, full-body movement in the youngest child becomes nimble dexterity in thought after puberty, and that the capacities of free and responsible action in young adulthood are developed through an artistic, holistic education based on movement.

Waldorf Schools throughout the world are grounded in a commitment to movement and are being recognized as leaders in cutting-edge learning techniques, though Waldorf Schools have been working this way since their founding in 1919.

Every subject in the Waldorf School develops foundational skills through movement. A subject unique to Waldorf Schools is eurythmy, a movement art that integrates language, music, geometry, and spatial awareness in lively weekly classes from Early Childhood through High School. Artistically, students learn to use their whole body to listen, speak, sing, perceive, and think. In First Grade, students learn eurythmy movement through the rich language of fairy tales, Sixth Graders learn by moving complex geometric forms collaboratively with classmates, and High School students learn to perceive and express the inner nature of poetry, music, and themes from the curriculum through expressive choreography and gesture. Being in touch with the expressive capacities of the body is to be in touch with a way of intuitive understanding. As students’ capacities for higher cognition develop through thinking, eurythmy supports students healthy thinking through highly conscious movement.

Posted by vlarson on Friday April, 19, 2013 at 10:14AM


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