GMWS Alumni Stefan Schaefer's new film

Congratulations to Stefan Schaefer '89, from whom we just received this message:
Dear Waldorf Friends, 
I hope this finds you well. Below please find a press release about a film I wrote and directed, entitled MY LAST DAY WITHOUT YOU. The film stars Nicole Beharie (SHAME, 42, SLEEPY HOLLOW) and European leading man Ken Duken. It opens on Oct. 4th in DC, Atlanta, Seattle, New Orleans and Chicago. It's a heart-warming, cross-cultural love story - rated PG-13 - that members of your school community may find compelling. For those of you who saw my prior film ARRANGED (, it features several of the same actors. You can learn more via the following links: 
Please let me know if you have any questions or whether I can provide any additional information. 
All the very best, 
Stefan Schaefer | writer, director  
Green Meadow Alum

My Last Day Without You is an independent feature film produced by Cicala Filmworks and Silver Shepherd. The film directd by Stefan Shaefer, sis co-written by Stefan Schaefer and Christoph Silber, and produced by Diane Crespo, Christoph Silber and Stefan Schaefer. The film is distributed by Novus Content and Mission Pictures. Film stars Nicole Beharie, Ken Duken, Marlene Forte, Laith Nakii, Robert Cohessy, and Reg E. Cathey. 
On a one-day business trip to New York, a German business executive falls in love with a singer-songwriter who exposes him to her Brooklyn world and emotions he's never experienced before.


Director's Note
The premise for the film is very loosely based on the experiences of my writing partner, Christoph Silber, who met his wife on the subway in Brooklyn. Such "chance meetings" are often depicted in film, and at times come off as narrative device, but both of us have been shaped by such encounters in our personal lives and so decided to forge ahead and flesh out some ideas.

We developed numerous treatments over the years, eventually settling on a love story between two characters that appear very different on the surface - a German on the corporate fast-track; and a pastor's daughter from Brooklyn with musical aspirations. Fortunately, the screenplay appealed to some amazing actors, who in turn took the story to places I could never have anticipated. Additionally, the music composed by Scott Jacoby and performed by lead actress Nicole Beharie elevate the film tremendously.


My Last Day Without You will have a limited theatrical run in October. We will be hosting premiere events in both DC and Atlanta.
Posted by vlarson on Tuesday September, 24, 2013 at 09:44AM


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