We are happy to introduce you to our new and improved GMWS SCRIP program, featuring a mobile app called Benefit. The SCRIP program works using gift cards that support the school (SCRIP stands forSchool Cash Rebate Incentive Program).

SCRIP is a way for all of us to support our school by helping raise funds just by doing our ordinary shopping.

What are the Benefits of Benefit?
  • You don't need to carry or keep track of physical gift cards.
  • You don't need to place orders for gift cards in advance (though you can if you like). Simply order your gift cards from your smartphone while you are actually in a store.
  • Order the exact amount of SCRIP for the amount of your purchase (currently limited to certain merchants; others have fixed card increments like $10, $25, $100)
  • Order SCRIP and redeem it right away, all from your phone. Currently, you can choose from about 80 vendors, with more vendors being added each month.

Please watch this short video for a brief overview of the program or read the flier here.

How do I Sign Up?
Signing up is very easy. Just follow these steps:
1. Download the app to your phone by searching for the Benefit App or by clicking here from your phone and then clicking the button on the right side of the page to download the app. (On iPhones, this will take you to the app in the App Store; on Androids, this will take you to Google Play.)

2. Once the app opens, create a profile as prompted.

3. To select Green Meadow as the beneficiary:
a) Open app menu by clicking on the menu icon at the top leftb) Select "Beneficiaries"
c) Search for schools and select Green Meadow Waldorf School
d) Click on "Green Meadow SCRIP Program"
e) Click on "Select this Campaign"

To set up your payment method:
a) Open app menu by clicking on the menu icon at the top left
b) Select "Payment Method"
c) Click on "Get Started Now"
d) Follow instructions to set up electronic payments.

Benefit does not accept credit cards at this time. About 2 days after you have entered your banking information, Benefit will make two small deposits into your account for verification. Once you receive these, enter the amounts into the app and you will be ready to begin using the program.

Here is a short YouTube video that details how to use the program once it is installed.

Can I still order SCRIP cards for our local merchants?
Yes, SCRIP cards can still be purchased for participating local merchants: the Co-op, A Matter of Health, and American Bulldog Café.

Click here to download an order form and bring it to the Business Office anytime during business hours or send it in with your child on Wednesdays.

The most convenient way to buy SCRIP cards is through Auto-SCRIP. Please contact us for details.

Thank you so much for your support of our school. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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