With a strong coaching staff, our school offers competitive schedules for our middle school and high school sports teams.

Healthy bodies, a sense of collaboration, the opportunity to build one’s character: these are some of the benefits our student athletes receive from Green Meadow’s interscholastic sports program. Many Green Meadow students go on to play on college teams and compete nationally and internationally.

Seasonal Sports

Fall Season

Soccer (MS & HS)

Cross-Country (MS & HS)

Volleyball (HS)

Winter Season

Basketball (MS & HS)

Spring Season

HS softball/baseball

HS Track & Field

MS softball/baseball

MS Track & Field

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Health Information and Forms

Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act (NYSED 6/2022)

This Act was written to ensure that schools, students, and parents are provided with critical, lifesaving information on sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) signs and symptoms, and risks to ensure students at risk are evaluated prior to participation in athletics, and that SCA is immediately recognized and treated to prevent death. This Act is effective as of July 1, 2022.

NYSED Health History for Athletics

Physician’s Form

Parent Driver Forms:


For outdoor athletic events, Mary Dailey Field is located just past the Green Meadow Campus when turning onto Hungry Hollow Road from Chestnut Ridge Road (aka Rt 45). Turn left just past the old white stone house into the driveway with the sign Orchard Lane & Holder House and find parking there. There is a pathway next to the small red house along that driveway that leads to the field. If you see the Rudolf Steiner Fellowship Community or Threefold Auditorium signs, you’ve gone too far.