Senior Project Presentations!

Each year, twelfth graders at Green Meadow Waldorf School present a unique, individual and original Senior Project. These presentations are the culmination of a year-long inquiry into a particular topic, chosen by the students themselves.

No matter the age of the child, a typical day for a Waldorf student follows a rhythm that breathes. From quietly and attentively listening to a story in the Nursery or Kindergarten to participating in a critical discussion of Dante’s Inferno in the High School, there are moments during the day where students will be applying deep focus and concentration, or breathing in. Those moments will balance to breathe out in activities like open-ended play, recess, games, and artistic classes like handwork, woodwork, metalwork, drawing, and painting. This balance optimizes learning, diminishes stress and fatigue, and allows the students to move through their day in a healthy way. 

Senior Projects offer this experience of out-breath for our twelfth grade students, who are typically immersed in rigorous academic learning and assignments, and the college selection and application process. They are a wonderful opportunity for our graduating students to explore and learn about the world and themselves. Each year our whole community comes together to see their presentations, and to celebrate the unique individuals each of our wonderful seniors are!

Please enjoy this year’s senior project presentations here: