Talking to Young People about the Election

The election has been on all our minds for months. We know that many of you are trying to decide how and what to communicate to your children right now.

We would like to offer a few humble words of guidance. We suggest that you provide security for your children, whatever their ages, by reminding them that the world is good. Remind them that, among the capacities their Waldorf Education is working to build in them, there are some we need urgently today and in the future: clear and balanced thinking, kindness and compassion, courage to speak the truth, willingness to listen, and practical skills to work together to make positive change in the world for all people. Remind them that they will be the leaders of tomorrow, and that they are needed in the world. Remind them, as we remind ourselves, to put themselves in another's shoes before judging anyone.

Today at school, we spent the day holding the students and moving forward in positive ways. Lower School teachers reminded the children that the world is a good place. Some students shared experiences about waking up this morning. Despite their different experiences, they found the universal thread was that we all woke up to greet a new day, which will continue to happen every day. One teacher told students that in every moment and in all our actions, we vote. When we continue to act in ways that are good, kind, true, and beautiful, then we are showing ourselves and others what is most important.

At the weekly Wednesday morning High School meeting, we focused on the strong bonds and love in the room. A junior brought Steiner’s Michaelic verse (copied below), which was very powerful. One of our seniors gave an eloquent talk focused on moving forward with empathy and hope. In classes, teachers help students process their feelings through course material. In the Birth of American Literature main lesson, for example, seniors reviewed what the revolutionary voices of the Transcendentalists told their nation in the mid-1800s. Then they meditated on and shared what revolutionary messages people in the United States need to hear today. 

All teachers and advisors are available if you have more questions about how to speak to your children. 

Wherever we fall on the political spectrum, we are a community, united in our wish for a better world for our children, for all children. May we learn from each other every day.

Michaelic Verse

We must eradicate from the soul
all fear and terror
of what comes towards us from the future;

We must look forward
with absolute equanimity to whatever comes, 
and we must think only
that whatever comes is given us
by a world direction full of wisdom.

It is part of what we must learn during this age, 
namely to act out of pure trust
in the ever present help of the spiritual world; 
Truly nothing else will do if our courage is not to fail us.

Therefore let us discipline our will, 
and let us seek the awakening from within ourselves, 
every morning and every evening.

                          Rudolf Steiner