Why Waldorf? (Part 7 in a series)

In this series, we have been introducing you every week to a teacher, parent, or student who shares something about why they love Green Meadow and Waldorf Education. Today we hear from the McDonagh boys: Colin (4th grade), River (1st grade), and Fionn (Nursery). They are the children of Melissa McDonagh, our Admissions Director for Grades 1-12, and her husband Peter.

Melissa first encountered Green Meadow when she was in high school, when she attended a poetry event here on campus, and then she returned later in life as a student teacher, to observe in our classrooms. She was a parent for several years before joining our staff in 2014.

Click on the title of this post to see a photo of the McDonagh family.

GMWS: When did you first come to Green Meadow?

C: I came to Parent & Child Classes in Oak House. [In 2008.]

R: Parent & Child!

F: I don't know...forever.

GMWS: What do you enjoy doing at school?

C: I love Games and Spanish. We get plenty of time for recess. I really liked doing my Bearded Dragon research project. We go on cool trips, like to the Hawthorne Valley Farm, the aquarium, and the Lenape Village.

R: We get to move around a lot...even in Math. We get to play outside everyday.

F: Play. We play inside with the toys with our friends, we play in the woods, we play on the farm.

GMWS: What is your favorite thing about Green Meadow?

C: I guess all of it is pretty good.

F: The Arts Building. It has the best water fountain. One time, we watched a Eurythmy performance there.

GMWS: What would you tell a student coming to Green Meadow?

F: It's fun!

C: Just do it--my mom will help you!