Meet Our Alumni: Lela Mae Jacobs

Lela Mae Jacobs attended GMWS from 6th-9th grade, before her family left for a year-long trip around the world and then settled in England.

GM: Can you say a little bit about where you went to college, what you studied, and what you are doing now?

Lela Mae: Last month, I graduated from Bath Spa University with a Honors Degree in Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors. I have been very lucky with where I've been able to split my time whilst living in England. The city of Bath is a beautiful old Roman city in the heart of Somerset. The entire city is bursting with creativity, which became highly inspirational for my work in digital and hand embroidery. I am now currently based back in London and am working towards getting as much experience and inspiration from the city as I possibly can, through freelance work and internships to visiting the museums.

GM: How did Green Meadow prepare you for college and life? What were the best aspects of your time at Green Meadow? What do you think makes Green Meadow unique or special?

LMJ: During my time at Green Meadow, I made lifelong friendships and their support is one aspect that will stay with me forever. Even though we are on different continents, it is wonderful to know that I have friends to call at 4am to bounce design ideas off.

The teachers at GMWS took time to explain their lessons and encouraged me to look beyond the classroom, giving me greater understanding of my subject and the world around me. Through the years that I was in Green Meadow, I was taught the importance of presentation and attention to detail. This has become an important aspect of my work, given the field I have chosen.

GM: What advice would you give a parent or student considering GMWS, especially someone who thinks they might want to study in your field?

LMJ: The realization that I wanted to go into textile design came from my Handwork classes. The teachers recognized this and encouraged me to pursue what I loved. The skills that I learned at a young age have been invaluable in textile design and set me apart from other applicants when I was applying to college. GMWS offers you such a unique and special learning experience, which I have experienced nowhere else.

Helpful tip: Pay attention in knitting and especially to those hand-stitching techniques: they're a lifesaver, trust me.

Lela Mae with her work at  New Designers  in Islington in June 2017.

Lela Mae with her work at New Designers in Islington in June 2017.

A sample of Lela Mae's work.

A sample of Lela Mae's work.