Our seniors are stellar interns!

Each year, Green Meadow Waldorf School 12th graders do a three-week internship in April, allowing them to experience a workplace firsthand. They keep a daily journal about their thoughts and impressions, and the school receives official feedback from the student's on-site internship coordinator. We are so proud of the responses we received about the Class of 2018 that we just have to share them. Students' names are omitted to respect their privacy. 

From Gonxhe Magellara, Commissary Manager Production at Momofuku Milk Bar: "[The student] was able to jump on any station, with full confidence and leadership skills...It was also helpful that she is bilingual, able to communicate in both English and Spanish...She was awesome to the team and super-reliable...If she were [looking for] a cook position, she would most certainly be hired!" 

From Cody Wells, Creator at C3Brix: "[The student's] knowledge/creativity/personality made him a perfect fit...there was no doubt he would exceed expectations. To have [him] here these three weeks was nothing short of a breath of fresh air. Can I have him back or can we clone him?" 

From Professor Amy Adamczyk at John Jay College of Criminal Justice: "[The student] had to think and work strategically to diagnose the many problems that arose [during the project] and work with other research team members to figure out a path forward...[She] is thoughtful, easy to work with, and highly intelligent. I wish all my students were as skilled and dedicated as she was."

From Debbi Fleckenstein, Producer at Elmwood Community Playhouse: "[The student] does not shy away from learning anything we have thrown at him...I wish we had three more like him. His initiative was shown in volunteering to do anything that he sees we're looking around for someone to do." 

From David Scharf, Owner at David L. Scharf Construction: "It's very rare to find someone who has so little construction experience yet is so good with his hands. He has a talent for this work (and I offered him a job this summer)."

From Lisa Devo, Owner, Soap & Paper Factory: "We love [her]! I can't wait to see where she is in 10 years. She gives me hope in our youth."

From Joseph Orchard, Senior Editor at Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale: "[The student] understood the project instantly.. [His] intelligence, independence, and motivation to complete the project were all immensely impressive."