Why Waldorf? (Part 7 in a series)

In this series, we have been introducing you every week to a teacher, parent, or student who shares something about why they love Green Meadow and Waldorf Education. Today we hear from the McDonagh boys: Colin (4th grade), River (1st grade), and Fionn (Nursery). They are the children of Melissa McDonagh, our Admissions Director for Grades 1-12, and her husband Peter.

Melissa first encountered Green Meadow when she was in high school, when she attended a poetry event here on campus, and then she returned later in life as a student teacher, to observe in our classrooms. She was a parent for several years before joining our staff in 2014.

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GMWS: When did you first come to Green Meadow?

C: I came to Parent & Child Classes in Oak House. [In 2008.]

R: Parent & Child!

F: I don't know...forever.

GMWS: What do you enjoy doing at school?

C: I love Games and Spanish. We get plenty of time for recess. I really liked doing my Bearded Dragon research project. We go on cool trips, like to the Hawthorne Valley Farm, the aquarium, and the Lenape Village.

R: We get to move around a lot...even in Math. We get to play outside everyday.

F: Play. We play inside with the toys with our friends, we play in the woods, we play on the farm.

GMWS: What is your favorite thing about Green Meadow?

C: I guess all of it is pretty good.

F: The Arts Building. It has the best water fountain. One time, we watched a Eurythmy performance there.

GMWS: What would you tell a student coming to Green Meadow?

F: It's fun!

C: Just do it--my mom will help you!


Why Waldorf? (Part 1 in a series)

This week, we are excited to launch a blog series featuring the perspectives of parents, teachers, and students from across the school. We will hear why they have chosen Waldorf Education, and what it means to them. Stay tuned for weekly posts on this theme through the end of May!

Why Waldorf?
Week 1

From Jessica Rowe, Early Childhood parent

It all started on a spring day three years ago. My husband, Jim, passed me an article in The New Yorker magazine about the rise of Waldorf schools in China. In considering the educational path we wanted for our children (Ozzie, Luke, and Luna), we were stuck between public school and homeschooling, but neither felt right to us. Our lives changed that day as we were introduced to Waldorf Education. The following week, we took a tour of Brooklyn Waldorf School, and later that month, we enrolled Ozzie in kindergarten. 

Initially, we were drawn to the beautiful pink walls of the Kindergarten rooms, the smell of fresh bread baking, and the ample time for free play throughout the day.  In the past three years, there have been so many other things we’ve come to value as our children’s education has infused our family life: spending time together on a walk through the woods, saying a blessing together before we eat our family meals, tapping a maple tree in our yard for its sweet sap, or snuggling up together and reading a fairy tale.

Our love of Waldorf Education has continued to grow at Green Meadow because it nurtures the individuality of our children while teaching them the value of working and playing within a group; because our children’s teachers have given them freedom to explore along with the structure they need to feel confident and relaxed within that freedom; and because it’s a place where we’ve been supported in learning and growing as parents and as people. We’re so grateful that we’ve found Waldorf Education.