College Guidance

The College Guidance program at Green Meadow works collaboratively with students to offer them a wide array of resources which help them identify colleges and career paths that best fit their unique talents and interests.

Our College Guidance Program starts by encouraging students as they put their best foot forward throughout their high school years. In their junior and senior years students are given access to a wide array of resources to help them identify colleges that best fit their unique talents and interests so they may enter into young adulthood courageous and well prepared.

With our faculty and college counselor as their guides, students step into a journey of self discovery as they enter high school. Through varied and rigorous course offerings, athletics, travel and wilderness experiences, and other extracurricular offerings, students develop a sense of themselves as individuals and take ownership of their high school experiences.

In 11th and 12th grades, regular, individual meetings with the college counselor, as well as open and honest communication between counselor, students, and parents/guardians, are key components of the college guidance program. We are honored to be part of this formative process in the lives of our students as they take this important next step into the world.

Three key findings about Waldorf graduates*:

  1. Waldorf graduates think for themselves and value the opportunity to translate their new ideas into practice. They both value and practice lifelong learning and have a highly developed sense for aesthetics.
  2. Waldorf graduates value lasting human relationships – and they seek out opportunities to be of help to other people.
  3. Waldorf graduates are guided by an inner moral compass that helps them navigate the trials and temptations of professional and private life. They carry highly developed ethical principles into their chosen professions.

*from a recent survey of graduates from Waldorf high schools throughout North America conducted by the Research Institute for Waldorf Education

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