The Collegium is responsible for the pedagogical, mission-driven decisions of the school. All salaried teachers and staff, after becoming established at Green Meadow, are encouraged to join the Collegium. The Collegium holds the responsibility for the spiritual and festival life of the school and takes final responsibility for mission-driven, pedagogical school matters as indicated by the Governing Principles of January 2005, which outline how the Collegium and Green Meadow Advisory Board are to work both individually and cooperatively. The Collegium reviews, ratifies, and initiates major decisions concerning the life of the school. The Collegium Committee is the executive committee of the Collegium, charged with carrying out the will of the Collegium in the daily life of the school. To contact the Collegium, please email Laura Radefeld, Chair.

2018-19 Collegium Members

(See faculty and staff bios here.)

Leslie Burchell-Fox, Early Childhood Educator

Cezary Ciaglo, Eurythmy Teacher

Christian Davis, High School History Teacher and High School Co-Chair

Harlan Gilbert, High School Math and Philosophy Teacher

Carol Grieder, Early Childhood Educator and Early Childhood Chair

Dania Guido, Handwork Teacher and Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair

Elizabeth Hall, Lower School Class Teacher and Lower School Co-Chair

Jana Hawley, Music Teacher

Vicki Larson, Director of Communications and Marketing

Suzanne Lynn, Educational Support Coordinator

TreeAnne McEnery, Administrator

Angela Nusbaum, High School Humanities Teacher

Laura Radefeld (Chair), Eurythmy Teacher

Rebecca Ruof, Early Childhood Teacher

Winnie Stern, Lower School Class Teacher

Suchi Swift, Lower School Class Teacher and Lower School Co-Chair