Educational Support

Green Meadow Waldorf School offers a general Waldorf education that can accommodate a small percentage of students with learning differences or disabilities.  We recognize that our multisensorial, interdisciplinary curriculum, which is infused with art, music, and movement, might serve students with learning differences well, yet it is often not enough. Even with such an integrated curriculum, there are students who experience difficulties in the physical, academic, cognitive, social, behavioral, or emotional realms.  Our current Educational Support Program grew out of our past experiences and continues to evolve as we observe, learn, and experience the students of today.

Educational Support at Green Meadow is continually evolving to meet the diverse learning needs of students.  Our proactive approach is rooted in the highly refined understanding of child development according to Rudolf Steiner. Out of our study of the human being, our Educational Support Team partners with class and subject teachers to strengthen our ability as a school to recognize students needing support.

We proactively strive to identify and remove hindrances by blending anthroposophical knowledge of the developing human being with our direct experience, documented research, and a variety of assessment tools available today.  This blended way of working helps rule out or identify learning differences and disabilities so we can identify well-matched intervention as close to the developmentally appropriate time as possible.


Our proactive approach also utilizes a collaborative team model, led by our Educational Support Coordinator.  This collaborative model requires full, consistent participation by all team members which includes parents, teachers, specialists, and sometimes the student--depending on the age.  Success of this model depends on the timeliness, trust, and willingness of each team member to work openly and consistently in support of the student. 

Although Green Meadow has a robust program, we recognize that we are not able to meet the needs of every child or family.  Part of our collaborative model includes holding the question of best placement for a student and family.  If it is deemed that a student’s or family’s needs are beyond what we can support, the school partners with the family to help them transition to another school. 

From the first day of Early Childhood classes through 12th grade graduation, the Green Meadow faculty is dedicated to maximizing each student’s capacity and to help remove hindrances that may stand in the way of a student attaining their highest aspirations.

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