Girl wearing flower crown.

Festival Life

At Green Meadow we understand that what happens in the world outside, is also reflected in each of us internally.

At different times throughout the year, we come together as a school community to mark the passage of the seasons and reflect on the idea that what happens in the world outside, also happens within each of us.

Summer & Fall

In the autumn, we celebrate Michaelmas, a traditional harvest festival presented as an allegory in the story of the archangel Michael slaying the dragon.

In the Fall, we celebrate festivals of light, including Advent from the Christian tradition and the Indian holiday of Diwali, and we honor the ancestors on día de los muertos (Day of the Dead), a Mexican observance.

Group of kids in flower crowns.

Winter & Spring

Before the winter holidays, each class contributes an offering to our Holiday Assembly through the recitation of a poem, traditional folk dance, and a seasonal, Hanukkah, or Christmas song–all traditions are welcomed and honored. Out of the Asian traditions celebrated by many of our students, we honor Lunar New Year in Winter.

In the spring, we dance around the Maypole and celebrate the new life all around us.

Table set with garland.

Through these experiences, students develop an understanding and respect for the diverse cultures of the world and celebrate our common humanity, need for ritual, connection to the seasons, and our urge to mark the passage of time by celebrating together. 

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