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High School Curriculum

Each morning begins with 110 minute interdisciplinary seminar-style courses taught by specialists over the course of three to four weeks.


Grade 9

Ninth grade lays the foundation for a powerful and free intellect grounded in objective thinking, contemplating correspondences, and discovering timeless truths across a wide and varied curriculum. Students experience a balance of intellectual, practical, and artistic activities structured to engage them, build confidence, and inspire wonder.


  • Universal Themes in Art History
  • American History 1: Colliding Cultures and Crisis: American History through 1865
  • American History 2: The Need to Grow: American History after 1865
  • Comedy and Tragedy: The History of World Drama
  • Chasing the White Whale: The Novel, Moby Dick
  • Codes and Number Theory: Secrets and How to Keep Them
  • Thermodynamics: The Delicate Balance between Fire and Ice
  • Geology: Rocks, Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  • Human Biology I: Organs of the Senses
  • Organic Chemistry: Carbon and Life Processes


  • U.S. Government: Constitution, Congress, and Civil Rights
  • Reading, Writing, and Grammar
  • The Art of Speech
  • Algebra 1B: Balanced Mathematical Relationships
  • Honors Algebra 2A: Graphing Functions in the Cartesian Coordinate System
  • Geometry A and Honors Geometry A: Plane and Solid Geometry


  • Explorations of Light and Dark 
  • Copperwork and Woodwork, Dovetail Joinery
  • Full High School Band or Orchestra and Chorus
  • Physical Education
  • Eurythmy: Basic Principles of Movement, Gesture and Choreography

Grade 10

Tenth graders discover relationships within processes that give rise to the natural and human-built world around them. They learn to organize observations and ideas and to recognize the causes underlying history, culture, the language(s) they speak, the art of poetry and drama, and the judicial system; and the laws governing movement, the weather, the human body, and computers. Tenth-graders with adequate language skills are invited to take advantage of our exchange program through our partner schools in many countries.


  • Ancient Cultures: Human Origins and Ancient Cultures
  • An Actor’s Dream: The Tenth Grade Play Production
  • Greek History: The Axial Age
  • The Art of Poetry
  • Mechanics: Motion and Gravity
  • Surveying: Local and Global Mapping
  • Information Technology: The Digital World
  • Earth in Motion: Climate and Convection
  • Human Biology II: Anatomy and Physiology of the Inner Organs
  • Inorganic Chemistry: Acids and Bases


  • Algebra 2A (Graphing functions in the Cartesian coordinate system)
  • Honors Algebra 2B with Trigonometry
  • Geometry: Logic and Deductive Reasoning
  • U.S. Judicial System: Cases that shaped the US Judicial system and a Mock Trial
  • The History of the English Language
  • An Odyssey through Literature
  • The Art of the Short Story
  • Science Elective (Physics/Biology/Chemistry, in rotation)


  • Color theory and watercolor painting
  • Clay sculpture
  • Full High School Band or Orchestra and Chorus
  • Physical Education
  • Eurythmy: Principles of Harmony, Soul Expression, Color, and Group Forms

Grade 11

The eleventh graders ponder large questions such as What are the invisible forces in the natural world? What are the qualities that imprison human beings and what are qualities which make them free? What is eternal? What is truth? They learn to look beyond what can be observed, described, or even fully understood in human history, biography, great works of literature, science, nature, and the stars. 


  • Medieval History: Empires and Encounters
  • Human Transformation: The Life of Malcolm X
  • To Hell and Back: Dante’s Inferno
  • The Rise of Western Civilization
  • Physics: Electricity & Magnetism
  • Chemistry: The Nature of Matter
  • William Shakespeare and The Tragedy of Hamlet 
  • Projective Geometry: Multiple Perspectives on Reality
  • Botany & Ecology: The Life Around Us
  • Astronomy: The Stars and Us


  • Economic Principles for a Just and Sustainable World
  • The Art of Comparison and Contrast in Writing
  • African American Literature
  • The Bible as Literature
  • Regional History of Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Precalculus: Exploring the Limits of Mathematics/ Calculus I
  • Statistics
  • Science Elective (Physics/Biology/Chemistry, in rotation)


  • Nature Observation: Form and Composition
  • Weaving and Basketry
  • Full High School Band or Orchestra and Chorus
  • Physical Education
  • Dynamics of music, dramatic poetry, and stage art in Eurythmy

Grade 12

Seniors turn toward the ultimate question, Who am I and what is my calling? They explore how bold, free, and thoughtful individuals have created new movements in history, architecture, philosophy, and literature. Seniors are inspired and encouraged to speak out of a sense of personal conviction and self respect. They act as leaders in the life of the high school and take up self-initiated endeavors that include year-long senior projects, off-site internships, and speeches to the students and faculty. Graduates emerge with self confidence and a passion for anything as yet undone, undiscovered, or in need of fixing.


  • Contemporary World History: The Shaping of the Modern World
  • Human Geography and Culture: Economic, Social, Political, and Environmental Influences
  • The House We Live In: The History of Architecture
  • The Play’s The Thing: The Senior Play Production
  • Ethical Philosophy: In Search of a Good Life
  • American Voices and the American Identity
  • Zoology & Evolution of Life on Earth
  • Biochemistry: The Chemistry of Life


  • Voices in Film
  • Creative Writer’s Workshop
  • Statistics: How to Live with Uncertainty
  • Advanced Topics in Mathematics: How Weird is Weird?
  • Calculus: Integrating Mathematics
  • Economics: Principles for a Just and Sustainable World
  • Science Elective (Physics/Biology/Chemistry, in rotation)


  • Portraiture in Different Mediums
  • Stone Carving
  • Music: Sound, Structure, Soul, and the Stream of Time
  • Full High School Band or Orchestra and Chorus
  • Physical Education
  • Eurythmy Solos: Speaking our Essential Selves

The Experience

International Exchange Program

We offer students the opportunity to deepen their language skills and experience a foreign culture directly through our exchange programs with other Waldorf schools abroad. On exchange, students live with a family and are able to immerse themselves in daily life in another language and culture while continuing their education. We have a long history of exchanges with German-speaking schools in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and Spanish-speaking Waldorf schools in Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. We have also had exchanges with schools in Japan, and hosted students from many countries, including China, Switzerland, Korea, Norway, Brazil, Mexico.

The Experience

Curricular Trips

Whaling at Mystic Seaport for the Moby Dick block, Walking the Camino in Spain, Surveying at Cape Cod, Service Learning at Washington DC, Zoology in Hermit Island, a Senior Retreat and many day trips to theater in NYC, museums, historical walks, and architectural tours, all contribute to deepen our students’ high school experience.

The Experience

Athletics and Movement

Competitive sports are a central part of our high school experience. Students participate in our Cross Country, Track and Field, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball teams.


The Experience

The Arts

Core curricular art classes bring balance and enrich our academics. Additionally, we offer artistic electives, including making and designing clothing, a capella singing, photography, cooking and culture, guitar playing, and filmmaking.


The Experience


Our core music studies continue throughout high school: chorus, band, orchestra, and electives (such as guitar and a capella singing) become increasingly refined and demanding  year by year.


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Student Life

Each high school class has a faculty advisor, whose role is to cultivate the health and well-being of the class as a whole. In addition, our school  counselor supports students through all aspects of high school social life.  The college counselor supports students and their families in the college and career selection and application process from start to finish.

The experience

Theater Arts

All tenth and twelfth grade students participate in stage productions. Students learn the basics of how to build a character, practice stage movement and speech. Collaboratively, they engage in all aspects of stagecraft, including set design, costuming, lighting, music, and choreography.

Beyond the Classroom


Green Meadow has a full and thriving athletic program consisting of basketball, track, tennis, cross-country, volleyball, soccer, and baseball.

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Community Service

Students regularly participate in our community service program by helping marginalized families in Rockland County and homeless people in New York City.

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Senior Projects

Alongside regular class and extracurricular commitments, each senior selects a personal project for the year.

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Hear From Our Alumni Families

Class of '89

Stefan Schaefer


As a Waldorf lifer, I ventured out into 'the real world’ with some trepidation. But I was able to tackle college and graduate work with ease. The breadth of curriculum I’d been exposed to gave me a sense of curiosity and willingness to take risks in my learning that many of my peers lacked.

Class of '89

Dan Feldman

Director at Verizon

In Waldorf Education, we were guided to solve problems creatively vs. memorizing facts. It is this curiosity, creativity, confidence, and awakeness that allows Waldorf students to excel at just about anything they choose to take on.

Class of '95

Agamemnon Otero

CEO, Repowering

I remember painting, drawing, sculpting, book-binding, eurythmy, acting, and poetry with fondness, and math, biology, history, and orchestra with fits of frustration. My teachers supported my development, knowing full well that once a passion for learning is lit, it will burn for a lifetime.

Class of '99

Kirstin Wolfe


Waldorf Education taught me to solve problems. I attribute that to my ability to be both analytical and compassionate. I also am so grateful for the lifelong connections I have with friends and members of the Waldorf community.

Class of '98 & '99

The Chapin Sisters (Abigail and Lily)


One of the most important things that our Waldorf Education gave us is a community of passionate, engaged people. Many of our closest friends are people we met at Green Meadow. They have careers (in the arts, sciences, academia, business, and the military) and a genuine love for their work.

Class of '01

Zaria Forman


I value so much about my Waldorf Education, it's difficult to chose one thing! The enduring friendships I made, how art was woven through every subject, the attention and care given by the teachers. I will be forever thankful for those very formative years of my life.

Class of '05

Phil Constable

Music Producer (DJ Hardwerk)

Our beloved class teacher and friend, David Blair, taught me the value of never giving up on something because it gets difficult, you don’t like it, or it’s an inconvenience. He taught me that seeing your goals come to fruition after you have faced obstacles makes the victory that much sweeter.

Class of '12

Alex Chin

Graduate Student in Physics

Green Meadow fosters great relationships between teachers and students and allows students to participate in so many different activities. I was able to get my first job in college, building sets for the theater department, because of the work we did on high school plays at GMWS.

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