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Middle School Curriculum

Green Meadow is a private school that inspires true engagement in learning.


A different kind of private school, located in Rockland County, New York, close to Bergen County, New Jersey, Green Meadow’s integrated Lower School curriculum broadens in Middle School, where students are engaged in a new way, appropriate for this developmental stage filled with rapid growth and transformation. Designed to engage the tumultuous, questioning inner life of the young person aged 12-14, our private middle school curriculum helps students connect their experiences with their education and begin to develop analytic thinking.

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The Morning Lesson

Each day at Green Meadow begins with “morning lesson,” a one-hour-and-40-minute period in which an academic subject is studied intensively for three to four weeks. These main lesson blocks will rotate over the course of the year.  Studying a subject in blocks allows students the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the subject through a combination of college-style lecture, discussion, and hands-on work.

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Middle School Curriculum

In middle school, the curriculum broadens and deepens the progressive flow of knowledge, skills, and creativity begun in the earlier grades. As the learners mature, so does the nature of their work.

Challenging Academics

Coursework in middle school builds self-confidence and competence through independent projects. These final elementary grades emphasize knowledge of the modern world, its physical and social aspects. The demands of future study are in focus. Stepping up from eighth grade, students are more than ready to take on the challenges of high school.

A Well-Rounded Education

Alongside a rich academic curriculum, the students draw, paint, memorize poetry, and perform plays with their Class Teacher. Each class performs a play every year, culminating with a full-length play in the 8th grade. Recent plays/musicals have included “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “West Side Story,” and “The Sound of Music.” By the time students have reached 8th grade, they have acted in many roles and helped with set design, lighting, and costuming.

The Arts

Middle-school students are adept at playing their individual musical instruments. Orchestra, band, and chorus undertake more complex compositions and perform both at school and in other venues. In their artwork, painting includes both watercolors and other media.

World Languages

World language has advanced: conversational accomplishment in Spanish and German expands to include reading and writing.


In Technology, media literacy and responsibility, computer programing and coding begin the expanding use of digital equipment that continues through twelfth grade.

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A Multifaceted Education

At Green Meadow, our students will become scientists and craftspeople, artists and musicians, writers and mathematicians, dancers and athletes, linguists and actors. They will receive a Renaissance education, with many skills and knowledge of a wide array of subjects. The broad and deep experiences developed at Green Meadow will give them the freedom to choose what they wish to pursue in college and beyond.

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The Class Teacher

The Class Teacher often guides students through several years, potentially remaining a cohort’s class teacher for multiple grades. This long-term relationship benefits by seeing the children through a continuity of development, creating established routines, and providing stability for the students as they develop and transform. Class Teachers are supported by a constellation of expert subject teachers who share in shepherding the class through the years. Classes of students grow together from 1st through 12th Grades and form strong, familial bonds. These threads of relationship form a social and human foundation from which the education grows.

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Curricular Trips

Beginning in 3rd grade, each class will go away on an overnight trip each year. After the 3rd grade farm trip, students in subsequent years will go on camping trips, where they will canoe, hike, raft, stargaze, and use survival skills. Classes in the upper grades will often take field trips to Boston; Washington, DC; and Philadelphia, focusing on the rich history of these cities. Teachers have the freedom to schedule trips that enrich the social fabric of the class, such as 8th and 1st graders ice skating together at Bear Mountain, or trips that deepen a classes study of the curriculum, such as trips to observe and draw the Hudson River in a study of local geography. We are privileged to take advantage of our close proximity to New York City: classes can tour the New York Botanical Gardens, hear Gregorian chants at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and visit many museums.

Beyond the Classroom

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Green Meadow has a full and thriving athletic program consisting of basketball, track, tennis, cross-country, volleyball, soccer, and baseball.

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Community Service

Students regularly participate in our flourishing community service program by helping marginalized families in Rockland County and homeless people in New York City.

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Extracurricular Activities

Drama club, award-winning robotics club, literary magazine, entrepreneurs club, Model U.N., and yearbook.

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Senior Projects

Alongside regular class and extracurricular commitments, each senior selects a personal project for the year.

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Hear From Our Alumni Families

Class of '89

Stefan Schaefer


As a Waldorf lifer, I ventured out into 'the real world’ with some trepidation. But I was able to tackle college and graduate work with ease. The breadth of curriculum I’d been exposed to gave me a sense of curiosity and willingness to take risks in my learning that many of my peers lacked.

Class of '89

Dan Feldman

Director at Verizon

In Waldorf Education, we were guided to solve problems creatively vs. memorizing facts. It is this curiosity, creativity, confidence, and awakeness that allows Waldorf students to excel at just about anything they choose to take on.

Class of '95

Agamemnon Otero

CEO, Repowering

I remember painting, drawing, sculpting, book-binding, eurythmy, acting, and poetry with fondness, and math, biology, history, and orchestra with fits of frustration. My teachers supported my development, knowing full well that once a passion for learning is lit, it will burn for a lifetime.

Class of '99

Kirstin Wolfe


Waldorf Education taught me to solve problems. I attribute that to my ability to be both analytical and compassionate. I also am so grateful for the lifelong connections I have with friends and members of the Waldorf community.

Class of '98 & '99

The Chapin Sisters (Abigail and Lily)


One of the most important things that our Waldorf Education gave us is a community of passionate, engaged people. Many of our closest friends are people we met at Green Meadow. They have careers (in the arts, sciences, academia, business, and the military) and a genuine love for their work.

Class of '01

Zaria Forman


I value so much about my Waldorf Education, it's difficult to chose one thing! The enduring friendships I made, how art was woven through every subject, the attention and care given by the teachers. I will be forever thankful for those very formative years of my life.

Class of '05

Phil Constable

Music Producer (DJ Hardwerk)

Our beloved class teacher and friend, David Blair, taught me the value of never giving up on something because it gets difficult, you don’t like it, or it’s an inconvenience. He taught me that seeing your goals come to fruition after you have faced obstacles makes the victory that much sweeter.

Class of '12

Alex Chin

Graduate Student in Physics

Green Meadow fosters great relationships between teachers and students and allows students to participate in so many different activities. I was able to get my first job in college, building sets for the theater department, because of the work we did on high school plays at GMWS.

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