MS, Waldorf Education, Sunbridge College

MS, Nursing, Women's Health, Rutgers University

Registered Nurse and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Lactation Consultant


Early Childhood

Advisory Board


Carol Grieder Brandenberger

Kindergarten Teacher

Carol has over many years worked with women, infants, and children as a maternal-child health nurse. Before joining Green Meadow as a nursery teacher in 2006, she taught art classes and Parent & Child classes in a Waldorf-inspired nursery school in New Jersey. She is currently teaching in the Kindergarten. Carol has been a member of various school-wide committees including the Media Resource Group and has taught at Sunbridge College as an adjunct faculty member.

As a native of Switzerland, she is multilingual. She enjoys doll making and puppetry as well as work on the farm and in the garden and spending time in nature with her family. Carol is the mother of two GMWS alumnae.

Carol’s publications include “Michaelmas in the Nursery: A Celebration of Courage” and “Bringing Easter into the Nursery: A Universal Celebration of Spring” in Early Childhood: Seeking the Universally Human, The Gateway Series, edited by Nancy Foster. Tell Me a Story, edited by Louise DeForest, includes a number of Carol’s original stories.