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Four-year artistic Eurythmy training, Eurythmy Spring Valley

Waldorf Teacher Training, Emerson College




Advisory Board


Laura Radefeld

Eurythmy Teacher, Administrator, and Advisory Board Member

Laura has served as Administrator of Green Meadow since August 2020. She has taught in Waldorf schools throughout North America for 26 years, has decades of experience as an educator and involvement in every aspect of school life, including school leadership, Board membership, and Parent Council work. Laura joined the Green Meadow faculty in 2010.

Laura’s first career of 14 years was in healthcare financial administration and risk management. She then studied eurythmy and Waldorf education from 1991-1996 at Eurythmy Spring Valley and Emerson College in the UK. Laura has been a teacher and served in leadership positions at the Portland WS, Honolulu WS, Atlanta WS, Monadnock WS, and the Chicago WS. Laura has been a teacher of Waldorf educators for 24 years, has been on the faculty of the Waldorf High School teacher training at the Center for Anthroposophy for 15 years and directed the Eurythmy Spring Valley pedagogical training for eurythmy teachers for 10 years. She also serves as a member of the Pedagogical Section Council of North America.

Laura is a member of the Advisory Board and the Collegium. She has two beautiful granddaughters who attend Green Meadow.