B.A., New Jersey City University

Waldorf Elementary Teacher Certification, Sunbridge Institute



Wendy Guerra

Grades 1-7 Spanish Teacher

During her time serving as public school teacher Wendy obtained certifications in Elementary K-5, Bilingual / Bicultural Education, Language Arts / Literacy Specialization in Grades 5-8, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Oral and Writing Proficiencies with fluency in Spanish and English.

Wendy was a middle-school Bilingual Language Arts teacher in New Jersey public schools for 13 years and taught language skills in a program for students at risk because of their “interrupted education.” She has been an assistant teacher and grades teacher in a Waldorf middle-school classroom and joined the GMWS faculty as a language teacher in Winter 2020.

During Mrs. Guerra’s time as a bilingual teacher, she worked with children from Central and South America and the Caribbean, which expanded her appreciation for the rich cultural and regional differences that exist within the Spanish language. Mrs. Guerra considers storytelling a celebration that can bridge the gaps between cultures, and looks forward to sharing this gift with the children and families of GMWS. Outside of her professional life, Mrs. Guerra enjoys visiting and supporting local farms as a way of sharing the message of sustainability and reverence for one’s food. On occasion, Mrs. Guerra will kick off her shoes and practice the traditional dance of punta, from her native country, Honduras.