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Imagination  The Green Meadow curriculum weaves imagination and emotional engagement into every activity and every subject. We connect the students’ personal experiences with what they are learning, and teach them to engage multiple perspectives when considering any issue, which strengthens creative, flexible thinking.

Joy    Joy comes from being passionately engaged with what you are learning or doing. Green Meadow’s curriculum is designed to answer the questions that naturally arise for students, at each grade level, making the subject matter and their daily activities relevant and allowing students to explore, investigate, and have fun with what they are learning.

Play  According to Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.” Studies confirm that play is vital to creativity and happiness and builds the foundation for academic excellence. By giving all of our students the space and the time to be playful in every setting, including the classroom, Green Meadow helps our students develop the tools they’ll need to live joyful, successful lives long after they have graduated.

Confidence  Through an innovative 90-year-old curriculum and a cutting-edge approach, a Green Meadow education builds confidence. Our unique methods, which include a commitment to social inclusion throughout the school, ensures that students believe in themselves and each other, their teachers and families, and the world around them.
Creativity  At Green Meadow, creativity isn’t confined to art class, but infuses all teaching and learning through our distinctive multidisciplinary approach. The young child’s imagination and initiative are preserved through creative play in our Early Childhood program. Lower School students create their own lesson books and develop innovative community-service projects. Our High School boasts award-winning group activities like Robotics Club and builds individual capacities through our unique Senior Projects program.

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