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What We Offer

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Green Meadow Waldorf School offers an Early Childhood program (Parent & Child, Nursery, and Kindergarten), and grades One through Twelve, as well as a strong Community Education Series. Our programs support three distinct phases of child development:

Early Childhood

The first stage of development stretches from birth to about the age of seven. During this time children are engaged in learning to use their bodies, taking on the challenges of crawling, walking, speaking and developing their senses. Imitation is the mode of learning for this stage, with young children quite naturally taking on the gestures, words, moods and actions of those around them. To find out more, please visit our Early Childhood Page.

Lower School | First through Eighth Grades

The second stage encompasses the elementary school years. By this time, children are ready to delve into cognitive learning. Now the child's imagination serves as the doorway to the deepest, most sustained learning. Whatever arouses interest and touches feelings will be remembered and will become the child's own. By presenting curriculum material artistically through stories, verses and songs, the teacher engages the students at levels that stimulate their feelings and spark their imaginations. To find out more, please visit our Lower School Page.


High School | Ninth through Twelfth Grades

Adolescence is a time of powerful physical changes and corresponding intellectual awakening. The vivid impressions of the subject matter in the Lower School now serve as the foundation for further studies. What has once been experienced with great intensity of feeling can now be re-examined with the newly awakened faculties of personal judgment and critical thought. To find out more, please visit our High School Page.

To learn more about our programs, please contact the Admissions Office.


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