Parent Council & Class Parents

Parent Council

Green Meadow has an active Parent Council, whose mission is to promote better communication and greater involvement within the GMWS community.

The Parent Council consists of a parent Delegate from every class. Each Delegate works with his/her Class Teacher and the Class Parent to meet the needs of the GMWS community, by ensuring that communication is happening in both directions, from the school to the classes and parents, and from the classes and parents to the school.


Parent Council Delegates

The Parent Council Delegate from each class serves as a conduit between the parents in his/her class and the school faculty, staff, and administration. The delegate facilitates communication between these partners, providing leadership that assures that the conversation is based on respect and honesty. The overarching role of the delegate is thus to create an environment in which all stakeholders in the school feel safe in speaking openly to each other, and experience a willingness and positivity in each other as all contribute to the Green Meadow community.

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To learn more about the Parent Council and its activities, please contact a member of the Parent Council Steering Committee.

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CURRENT class parents & parent council delegates

Here is our list of Parent Council delegates and class parents for the 2017-2018 school year.
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