Parent Leadership

Parent Leadership at Green Meadow Waldorf School consists of both the Parent Council delegates and the Class Parent representatives.  The Class Parents help to support the Class Teacher and the Parent Council works school-wide; both groups build community throughout our school.  Parent Leadership at Green Meadow Waldorf School provides a forum for parents to engage in open and honest communication between the school administration and the parent community, as well as encouraging and helping coordinate parent volunteer efforts throughout the year. 


Parent Council Steering Committee
and Parent Council Delegates

The Parent Council consists of a parent delegate from every class.  Each Parent Council Delegate serves as a conduit between the parents in his/her class and the school faculty, staff, and administration.  S/he facilitates communication between these partners, providing leadership that assures that the conversation is based on respect and honesty.  The overarching role of the Delegate is thus to create an environment in which all stakeholders in the school feel safe in speaking openly to each other, and experience a willingness and positivity in each other as all contribute to the Green Meadow Community.  To learn more about the Parent Council and its activities, please contact us at or contact Jayme Cooper, a member of the Parent Council Steering Committee.

Class Parents/Class Parent Support Coordinator

The Class Parents support class activities as well as annual school events.  Class Parents assist the Class Teacher, the class, and the wider school community in a variety of ways, from making telephone calls to planning and supporting class and school programs.  If you are interested in becoming a Class Parent, please speak to your child(ren)'s teacher(s) or advisor(s).  The Class Parent Support Coordinator supports the Class Parents and is available to answer questions.  The Class Parent Support Coordinator for 2019-20 is:

Carissa Cottler       

Envisioning Group

The Parent Council Steering Committee and Class Parent Support Coordinator, along with Interim Administrative Team members, form the Envisioning Group, which meets every other week to facilitate and support ongoing communication between the parent body and the administration of the school.

Class Parents & Parent Council Delegates, 2019-20

Please contact Parent Council for a list of delegates and class parents for the 2019-20 school year.