The Arts

Green Meadow’s artistic education lays the foundation for our students’ trusting, open and intrinsic experience of life. Our ability to live deeply with the wonders of our own sense experiences is connected to our ability to experience the qualities, moods, and intangibles that emerge before us through the arts.

“Much of what young children do as play -singing, drawing, dancing- are natural forms of art. These activities engage all the senses and wire the brain for successful learning.”

David Sousa, How the Arts Develop the Young Brain


An art form unique to Waldorf education, eurythmy is a healing art, first and foremost, and more of a performing art as students progress through their school years, but always the gesture of eurythmy as an art is to heal, to balance, and to make whole.


At Green Meadow students sing through the day in early childhood, take up instrumental music lessons in first grade with the pentatonic flute, and then a string or band instrument in fourth grade, continuing this instruction and ensemble playing through the twelfth grade. The daily habit of music imbues our lives with harmony, a quality that is set in the formative years by forging a rhythm of varied musical practice.

Visual Arts

Students at GMWS engage in drawing, sketching and painting from early childhood to high school, developing keen observation capacities and fine motor skills. In first through twelfth grades, each student creates unique main lesson books, which include summaries, drawings, and organizational and representational sketches of academic content. Weekly explorations in painting help the students develop a thorough understanding of color and form.

In middle school, formal lessons in painting and drawing are added. These continue through high school, deepening the students’ skills and technique, promoting disciplined habits of mind, and offering a space to express themselves meaningfully.

Practical Arts

The practical arts ground our students in the present, in their capacities, and in themselves. The practical arts allow for a type of problem solving that is immediate, while enabling the students to think about a challenge that they are facing and to come up with alternative solutions. This type of thinking benefits young people in the immediate future, and also for the rest of their lives. Throughout their time at Green Meadow, students engage in knitting, sewing, embroidery, woodwork, metalwork, modeling, basket weaving, and many other crafts that enhance their academic experience.



In the grade school, each class performs a play every year, ranging from a fifteen-minute retelling of a fairy tale with the first graders to a near-full-length play in the eighth grade and on to robust and complex plays in the high school, where students participate in all parts of the production. The possibility to represent different roles helps our students develop true empathy, interest, and insight into the many expressions of the human experience. Recent eighth grade musicals have included The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, The Pirates of Penzance, and The Lion King.

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