Tuition & Assistance

Affording Green Meadow

As a private school dedicated to inclusion, Green Meadow Waldorf School (GMWS) takes very seriously our mission to provide a Waldorf Education for all those who desire it. We strive to keep our costs reasonable through careful planning and good stewardship of resources. GMWS is proud to be able to provide a high-quality independent school education at a tuition within reach of a range of families. In addition, tuition assistance is also available for those who qualify. 

Please note: Tuition Assistance is available for families with a total tuition obligation of $21,000 or higher.

For more information, contact Kimberly Frattura in the Business Office at or 845.356.2514, x315.

2017-18 Tuition

Parent & Child Classes (per session, varies according to session length)

Nursery (3 Half Days)  $10,100

Nursery (5 Half Days)  $13,100

Nursery (5 Full Days)  $18,400

Kindergarten (5 Half Days)  $13,100

Kindergarten (5 Full Days)  $18,400

Grades 1-2  $21,700

Grade 3  $22,400 

Grades 4-5  $23,400 

Grades 6-8  $23,900

Grades 9-12  $25,800

Application Fee

A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $50 per student is due upon application. After acceptance, a signed Tuition Enrollment Contract and tuition deposit are required to reserve a place in the appropriate class.

New Family Enrollment Fee

A one-time non refundable fee of $1500 is due for all new families at the time of deposit.

Additional Fees

Additional fees may arise at parent expense, if tutoring, external consultations, or special services which the school does not provide are recommended. Other expenses include musical instrument rentals, private music lessons, and class trips.

International Boarding Students

Please see here for the rates for International Boarding Students. 

Payment Plan

We are pleased to offer four tuition payment plan options: annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly. Selection of a payment plan is made upon acceptance on your Tuition Enrollment Contract.

Sibling Discount

A discount is applied to all younger siblings of families who have more than one child enrolled and are not receiving Tuition Assistance.

Tuition Insurance

The Tuition Insurance Plan, available for a modest cost, protects parents when a child is withdrawn or dismissed.

Music Lessons

Instrumental music is an integral part of the curriculum. In 3rd grade, string classes begin. In 4th grade, students begin private lessons. The school requires the continuation of these lessons through 12th grade. Rental or purchase of an instrument and payment for lessons are the responsibility of the family. There is a small fund for music scholarships. Awards are based on demonstrated financial need and merit. Applications are available in the Business Office each fall.

Tuition Assistance


Green Meadow is committed to providing assistance within its resources to qualified students desiring a Waldorf education and in need of financial support.  The school is also committed to providing assistance to help create socioeconomic diversity within our community.  

Assistance, in the form of tuition reduction, is granted on the basis of need determined by comparing the income and resources of applicants against their assets and liabilities. The tuition assistance budget is limited to approximately 10% of the net tuition income for the school year in which it will be awarded. We expect that parents applying will first assess their financial status and will turn to other sources before asking Green Meadow for assistance. Please note that while our aim is to assure the possibility of Waldorf education for all our students, our ability to do so is limited, and parents must be prepared to shoulder the majority of their tuition obligation.

The primary responsibility for financing a student's independent school education rests with his or her family. As a result, the school is not in a financial position to support lifestyle choices that have a negative impact on a family's ability to pay tuition. We expect all parents to contribute honestly toward tuition, including seeking employment in order to help defray school costs.


Applications must be on time.  Late applications will be reviewed when the process for timely applications has been completed.  Any remaining funds will then be awarded to qualified late applicants. 

It is not possible for the Tuition Assistance Committee to become involved in any financial arrangements between parents.  Non-custodial parents must contribute financial documentation to the Tuition Assistance Committee.  Both parents are expected to contribute income if there are no preschool children at home.

Families with outstanding tuition arrears may apply, and they may receive an award and contracts. However, Green Meadow reserves the right to cancel contracts for families whose arrears remain unpaid at the beginning of the school year for which the award was granted.

Please note: Tuition Assistance is available for families with a total tuition obligation of $21,000 or higher.


Following notification of tuition rates for the upcoming school year, families wishing to apply for tuition assistance must request a Tuition Assistance Application on the Enrollment Card, which comes in the Re-Enrollment packet. New families may call Kim Frattura in the Business Office to request an application.

The application should be thoroughly completed, returned on time, and accompanied by the following financial documentation for both parents:

  • A cover letter outlining the reasons for the request and any unusual circumstance not evident in the financial documents or application
  • Signed copies of all pages and schedules of the previous year’s Federal, State, and City tax returns for both parents (If unavailable, contact the Business Office)
  • Transcripts of tax returns for two years previous to the most recent (available from the IRS)
  • All W-2 and/or 1099 and/or Business tax returns
  • Copies of two most recent pay stubs for each parent
  • Application Fee and Enrollment Deposit(s)

Committee Process

The Tuition Assistance Committee is a committee of the Advisory Board.  Its membership, composed of faculty, staff, current parents, and alumni parents, is kept confidential.  The criteria for membership include knowledge of financial matters, the capacity for objective decision making and a willingness to uphold the philosophy of the School’s Tuition Assistance program. 

After Committee review, discussion, clarification, and comparison to similar family situations, votes will be cast on the amount of the need-based award. In some cases, the Committee will send the file back to the Business Office with requests for further information or clarification.

The Business Office will send families email notification of the Committee’s decision along with tuition contracts reflecting that decision.

The Tuition Assistance Committee makes regular reports to the School Administrator and the Advisory Board.


If no assistance is granted, or the award you receive is less than you require to enroll, you may write a letter of appeal to the Committee. This letter should outline any expenses or financial obligations omitted from your original application and explain why the amount awarded was insufficient. Your application is carefully reviewed, and must also include how much more assistance you need in order to make it possible for you to enroll or remain at the school. The possibility of appeals depends on availability of funds. 

For questions regarding Tuition Assistance, contact Kimberly Frattura, liaison to the TA Committee, at 845.356.2514, x315.