Annual Benefit & Auction

March 25, 2017

Our Goal

This year, we will focus our efforts on establishing our first endowment; hence the name of our fundraiser: “It’s About Time: A Benefit for Our First Endowment.” The proceeds from our benefit will begin planting perennial seeds and establish a foundation to grow upon. An endowment is a permanent fund in which the principal is held in perpetuity and only the investment income is expended annually – providing a permanent, long-term source of funding. Endowed funds support activities not just for one year, or even one generation, but forever! Funds are invested prudently to ensure they can sustain current and future needs.

A healthy endowment will provide strength, longevity, creativity, and flexibility for Green Meadow, ensuring steady income to support key programs and invest in new ideas.

Benefit Highlights

  • A decades-themed party with four High School rooms harkening back to the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s.
  • Kicks off in Rose Hall with a music showcase featuring faculty, then transitions into the High School, with retro vibes, music, and food.
  • A special mid-year look at our new science lab downstairs will inspire you.
  • Bidding on our community online auction with many items on display at the event.
  • All funds raised from this benefit will initiate our first endowment fund.

Benefit Documents

Sponsor Letter

Donation Form

Form for Sponsorships, In-Kind Donations, and more (2 pages)

We invite you to join us! Reach out to us in the Development Office or contact our co-chairs, Maureen Dinan Leventis and Tamara Freuman.

To purchase benefit tickets or sponsor the event, please use the donation/payment form below.