2024 Senior Projects: A Night to Remember

Every spring time, our seniors are in the process of finalizing their senior projects and their senior eurythmy solos. They are also getting ready for senior internships, the senior play, graduation, and life beyond Green Meadow. 

The senior project presentations are the place where our community gets to experience each of our twelfth graders’ unique passions, interests and talents more deeply. On the night of senior project presentations, the whole community gathers in Rose Hall. Some people -mentors, highschool advisors, perhaps some friends- know what to expect. However, most people in the audience have but one certainty: This will be a night filled with surprises, ideas, and new admiration for our seniors and their journey at Green Meadow.

Green Meadow offers a truly creative education. Rooted in the principles of Waldorf education, our curriculum prioritizes creativity, critical thinking, and hands-on learning, as well as a strong connection to the natural world and the arts, nourishing each student’s mind, body, and spirit.

Senior projects are one of our curriculum’s mainstays. By delving thoroughly into a subject of personal interest, they enable students to explore unique passions and interests,  integrating their learning across disciplines. 

Before beginning their senior year at Green Meadow, our students start designing a unique project of their choice. They present a project proposal for approval in September. Their project begins with finding a mentor, and continues with months of collaborative work to crystallize their ideas into practical projects, where they can deepen their knowledge, research and creatively craft a meaningful final product. 

After months of intense work, deep reflection, and true perseverance to achieve their goals, each senior proudly presents their final project to the school community, kindling sincere respect and admiration from faculty, parents, and peers alike. Students feel a sense of pride and become empowered agents of their own learning. 

When given the opportunity to explore passions and interests in depth in an authentic and practical manner, students develop self-confidence, time management skills, and a deep understanding of their chosen topic.

Senior projects foster independence, creativity, innovation and problem solving capacities.

This year, like every year, Senior Project Night was a true celebration. We learned about the challenging movements and techniques in badminton and fencing, as two of our students took up deepening into those disciplines as their projects. We experienced (some for the first time) what a “beat” is and how it is built -electronically- through thoughtful layering of musical components. We witnessed the process of portraiture and all the steps and challenges involved. We enjoyed a beautiful digital animation created by one of our students from scratch, including playing the music and creating all the sound effects for it. And we were treated to classical music composed and conducted by one of our seniors, who gathered an orchestra from fellow students as young as 11!

It was a memorable night. One for our seniors and their families and friends to remember, as a testament to their capacities, their skills, their flexibility and ability to learn, their perseverance, and their courage to try new things. Congratulations to each of them, to their families, teachers, mentors, and friends!! 

At Green Meadow, we emphasize the strengthening of essential life skills such as collaboration, adaptability, leadership, and resilience. Our students graduate with a strong sense of self, a passion for lifelong learning, and the confidence to pursue their dreams.