Early Childhood

Luís Gabriel Pantoja

Farm Kindergarten Support Teacher

Gabriel was born in Bogotá, Colombia. When he was seven years old, he attended the only Waldorf school in Colombia at that time. His father was transferred to another city for work after Gabriel had been at the school for only three years, but this short experience planted the seed in Gabriel of a lifelong love for Waldorf education. From that moment, he knew there wouldn’t be any other option for his future children. He thought, “If I want my children to grow up happy and balanced, they will have a Waldorf education.”

Gabriel graduated with a degree in Sound Engineering and worked in the music industry and restaurant business in NYC for many years. However, his most wonderful and profound experience arrived when he became a dad and stayed home full-time with his twin sons, Luca and Lucian and his younger daughter Bolena, until they became students at Green Meadow.

Gabriel has been working with GMWS since 2020 as a support teacher at the Farm Kindergarten, which has led him to learn about and experience firsthand the importance of the first seven years of childhood. He will be starting the Early Childhood training at Sunbridge Institute in Summer 2022, to further his knowledge and deepen his love for Waldorf education.