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Waldorf 100

(This video was made in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of Waldorf Education in 2019.)

Highlighted talks at our school

Waldorf 100 and the Future
With Ed Manning, John Wulsin, and Nathaniel Williams

2 hours

November 2018

Arithmetic in the Lower School with George McWilliam

1 hour, 7 minutes

October 2018

A Mindful Approach to Money with Joanne Leffeld

1 hour, 16 minutes

October 2018

A Mindful Approach to Parenting in the Early Childhood Years
with Andrea Gambardella

17 minutes, 51 seconds

May 2018

Three Tsunamis of the (Adolescent) Soul
with Douglas Gerwin

1 hour, 31 minutes

January 2018
Understanding Waldorf Education
with Jack Petrash

1 hour

december 2016
The Essentials of Waldorf Education
with Anna Silber

58 minutes

November 2015: Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools 
with dr. howard c. stevenson

1 hour, 7 min.

November 2013: Navigating Through Adolescence
with John wulsin

What are the specific challenges of each year in the four years of high school? Veteran GMWS teacher John Wulsin discusses how the Waldorf curriculum supports the healthy growth of the developing human being. Learn how Waldorf teachers work in appropriate ways, so that the right subjects, taught in suitable ways at the right time, can help students navigate through adolescence.

1 hour, 20 min.

October 2013: How Mathematics is Taught in a Waldorf School

Join GMWS mathematics teachers Lisa Krogh and Harlan Gilbert for a discussion of how students in the lower grades and high school learn math, and how the Early Childhood Program develops pre-math skills.

53 min.

Other past presentations

October 2017: Finding Joy in Parenting Young Children
with Nancy Macalester

27 minutes

May 2016: How To Talk to Your Children about Drugs and Alcohol

Allen Broadman's "Alcohol and Drug Facts" slides.

March 2016: It's Time to Have "The Talk"
with dr. sharon maxwell

1 hour, 27 min.

March 2015: on Whole-Child Sports

17 min.

December 2014: Raising Sexually Intelligent Kids in a Hyper-Sexualized World
with marnie goldenberg

1 hour, 2 min.

November 2014: The Attention Fix
with paula moraine

52 min.

june 2014: commencement address

23 min.

February 2014: Intentional Diversity as Academic and Social Excellence

Join Dr. Randolph Carter of the Eastern Education Resource Collaborative as he talks about the re-segregation of school districts across the United States, and the skills we actively, intentionally need to give our children so that they can successfully navigate the rapidly shifting social dynamics in our country. Dr. Carter has a master's degree from the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University and works with faculty, staff, students, and parents at Green Meadow and other schools nationwide. 

29 min.

November 2013: Child Development from Birth to 7

Early Childhood Educators at Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, NY, discuss the child's development from birth to age 7. Please be patient with the audio at the improves!

1 hour, 27 min. 

march 2013: nourishing the capacities to ponder through teaching of science
with renate kurth

1 hour

September 2012: Early Childhood Parent Evening on Media

Faculty and parents discuss the benefits of a media-free childhood, in a presentation by the Media Resource Group. 

22 min.

February 2012: Farmer and author Joel Salatin at GMWS

Noted farmer and author Joel Salatin (referred to as the "high priest of the pasture" by The New York Times) talks about soil, food, urban planning, sustainability, and the need for a culture of stewardship and individual participation in addressing social issues.

27 min.

November 2011: Exclusion and Teasing
with kim john payne

Sought-after speaker and author of Simplicity Parenting, Kim John Payne speaks to Green Meadow parents and faculty about social inclusion. 

13 min.