Who is Green Meadow
Waldorf School?

Our Mission

Green Meadow Waldorf School strives to create a social, cultural, and learning environment that recognizes the child's spiritual freedom and growth. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner's insights into human development, Green Meadow nurtures the physical, emotional, and intellectual capacities of the growing child through a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Green Meadow Waldorf School engenders in its young people the academic, social, artistic, and practical abilities that will enable them to become self-reliant and generous individuals capable of meeting whatever challenges they face in the future.

The Spiritual Component of Waldorf Education

The identity of every Waldorf school is profoundly affected by the spiritual values at the core of Waldorf pedagogy. The faculty, whose members come from different faiths and philosophies, draws on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy for its insight into human development and its grounding in the spiritual core of Christianity, without a denominational character. Green Meadow is dedicated to serving children of all backgrounds, and the curriculum is rich in the teachings of the many great religious and spiritual traditions of the world.  Through their experiences in the classrooms and in the celebration of the seasonal festivals of the year, students develop understanding of and respect for diverse global cultures. No religious or devotional services of any kind are offered.

Part of an International Community

Green Meadow Waldorf School is one of about 300 Waldorf Schools in the United States and approximately 1,000 Waldorf Schools internationally. Rather than teaching to the test or adhering to Common Core standards, the Waldorf curriculum fosters independent, critical thinking and problem solving, develops ethics and morality, and promotes true joy in learning.

An Affordable School for All Ages

As one of the few area Waldorf schools with a high school, we currently have about 350 students in Nursery through Twelfth Grade. We also offer a Parent & Child program for babies and toddlers from birth to age three, and a dynamic Community Education Series that engages and supports parents and brings members of the larger community onto our campus.

Support for Working Families

We offer an affordable and flexible After-School Program that serves children in Nursery through Lower School. The program runs until 6pm every day and is also offered on most school holidays and breaks.

Dedicated, Exceptional Waldorf Teachers

Our faculty members are trained in the Waldorf pedagogy and comprise a mix of seasoned, maturing, and newer teachers. Faculty receive generous support for professional development, as well as ongoing mentoring and other resources. Learn more about our faculty.

Independence and Excellence

Green Meadow is one of the largest and oldest Waldorf schools in North America. As part of a 65-year-old independent school that adheres to a unique and time-tested curriculum, our students are free to learn without the pressure and stress of standardized testing. We benefit from the external support offered by our fully accredited member status in the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS). We are also accredited by the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN).

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity

The healthy social life is found
when, in the mirror of each human soul,
the whole community is living,
and when, in the community,
each human soul finds its reflection.
-Rudolf Steiner

Green Meadow Waldorf School defines diversity as a range of racial identifications, ancestries, nationalities, native languages, socioeconomic backgrounds, family structures, ages, belief systems, gender and sexual identities, abilities, appearances, occupations, and political affiliations. Enhancing our diversity is a journey of both moral and educational importance and a learning and growth experience for our whole community. We recognize that the richness inherent in a school community is comprised not only of the curriculum, but also of the community of students who are learning about the world together. To this end, we are actively building a school community that will better represent the community in which we are located, and the country in which we live.

Honoring the multiple perspectives that exist in our increasingly diverse community calls for ongoing conversation, education, and partnership. Green Meadow facilitates this in many ways. Our rich curriculum immerses students in world cultures and the history of ancient and contemporary societies from across the globe. Green Meadow families come from many points along the socioeconomic spectrum, with some paying full tuition and some receiving financial assistance. Our school is spearheading local service learning initiatives as part of our broad commitment to social justice. Each year, many of our high school students go on exchange to other countries, and we welcome international students into our school, enriching the entire community. As lifelong relationships are built, we all learn more about ourselves and each other.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s goals for the school in the coming years include increasing enrollment by groups underrepresented within our community and hiring an increasingly diverse faculty and staff; deepening dialogue among faculty, staff, parents and students on what diversity means, and brings, to our community; highlighting the existing diversity in the school and our efforts to broaden it; strengthening our connections to the diverse communities in our area; and striving to make Waldorf Education accessible to every family who wishes to provide it for their children. We are proud to be in the process of training our entire faculty and staff in the Undoing Racism framework.

Campus & Community

Green Meadow Waldorf School's campus in Chestnut Ridge resembles a small village. The campus includes six instructional buildings on 11 acres, with ample playgrounds and athletic fields.
Our extended community is comprised of 200 adjacent acres for our families' use, offering a beautiful rural environment of forests and fields, and providing opportunities for our students to bring their curriculum to life by connecting classroom lessons to real-world experiences. Kindergarteners feed chickens and gather eggs; third-graders milk cows and harvest biodynamic crops; sixth-graders sow seeds and tend the garden.

Local community resources include Threefold Educational Center, The Fellowship Community, The Pfeiffer Center, Eurythmy Spring Valley, The Hungry Hollow Co-opThe Fiber Craft Studio, and Sunbridge Institute. We also encourage support for local businesses, including Meadowlark Toys and Sunbridge Books and The Apothecary.

Our proximity to New York City (only 20 miles north of the George Washington Bridge) and the natural beauty of New York State further serve to round out our students' education by providing easy access to a myriad of class trips, ranging from one day to one week.
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