Business School in Bern, Switzerland

Hotel School in Lausanne, Switzerland

Applied Arts Program, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Ayurveda Doctor in training through Kerala Ayurveda, Milpitas, CA


Fine & Applied Arts

Lower/Middle School

Madeleine Wuergler

Lower School Handwork Teacher

After moving to the US from Switzerland, Madeleine signed up her four children at Green Meadow Waldorf School where she was leading the Parent Handwork Group for 10 years. In 2005, she was asked to assist the handwork teacher in different grades. Two years later, she started her four year studies at the Applied Arts to become a certified handwork teacher.

Madeleine is working as a handwork teacher at Green Meadow Waldorf School and the Otto Specht School since 2005. She currently lives in Mahwah, NJ.